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Travel in Changbai Mountain Scenic Area

The resort provides you with paid transportation tools: buses, chartered buses and other ways to facilitate your travel to the scenic spot.


You can consult the hotel contact bus service transfer location: in front of the lobby of each hotel - the parking lot of Changbai Shanxi scenic area transfer center.

Free transfer schedule in summer 2022
  Holiday Inn Express Wanda Yue Westin Hotel Sheraton Hotel Wanda Jin Resort Wanda Jin suite Hanna mountain hot spring Hyatt Park Hyatt
Off Season —— —— 7:30 —— 7:35 —— —— —— 7:40
Off season time 7:30 7:32 7:35 7:37 7:40 7:42 7:45 7:48 7:50
Peak Season 7:30 7:32 7:40 7:45 7:50 7:30 7:35 7:40 7:45
Transfer location   In front of all hotels in the resort, the destination is the transfer center parking of Changbai Shanxi Scenic Area.
Return time   At 16:00 every day, the return bus is at the parking of Changbai Shanxi scenic area transfer center.

①The guarantee model is Toyota Custer bus, with obvious marks on the body (LED screen);
② Guests have priority to take the bus;
③The vehicle stops in front of the lobby of each hotel, and the water park stops at the main gate of the water park;
④Employees in the district can take the bus free of charge with their work cards, and offer their seats to guests;
⑤Guarantee time: November 13, 2021 - Snow Park closure;
⑥Consultation telephone: 400-987-666.


You can consult the hotel to contact the chartered car service.

Charter Service

There are all kinds of chartered car models, in order to better facilitate the travel of many people and meet the travel needs of tourists! Whether it's tourism or conference group building, we can provide you with comfortable, safe and convenient charter travel services. We will provide a full set of car services between the airport and the scenic area and between scenic areas according to your requirements.

Charging standard for the whole journey of North,
West and South scenic spots of Changbai Mountain
ModelPrice in peak seasonPrice in SeasonalPrice in off-season
SAIC Maxus D90, Roewe imax8, GAC motor M8 (6 seats)3600Yuan/day2900Yuan/day2700Yuan/day
Datong G10 (8 blocks)5200Yuan/day4400Yuan/day4000Yuan/day
Buick GL8 (luxury car, 6 seats)4300Yuan/day3400Yuan/day3000Yuan/day
Mercedes Benz Weiting (luxury car, 8 seats)6000Yuan/day4800Yuan/day4000Yuan/day
Nissan Bilian (luxury car, 11 seats)6500Yuan/day5200Yuan/day5000Yuan/day

Maiteng and Bilian need to transfer at the transfer center of the scenic spot. In winter, vehicles other than Datong D90 need to transfer to the transfer center of the scenic spot.

Changbai Mountain Lushui River hunting
ground charging standard
ModelDeparture from chibei - special bus priceChixi departure - special bus price
Volkswagen maiteng (4 seats)680Yuan/day880Yuan/day
SAIC Maxus D90 (6 seats)980Yuan/day1280Yuan/day
GAC motor M8 (6 seats)980Yuan/day1280Yuan/day
Datong G10 (8 blocks)1280Yuan/day1580Yuan/day
Interests include:        

①Shuttle bus, one price all inclusive;
②Escort and explanation of the whole journey by the driver and guide;
③Free sightseeing in the scenic area, expansion of project experience, sightseeing and hiking on the wooden plank road in the forest sea.

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