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Go to Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort

The transportation guide to Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort makes it easy for you to plan your journey

After arriving at Changbai Mountain airport, take the airport shuttle bus directly to the resort

You can fly to Changbai Mountain airport

At present, there are 7 cities with non-stop flights, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi'an, Changchun, Dalian and Harbin.
Passengers can choose the nearest cities to travel or transfer.

Go to Changbai Mountain
Airline company
BeijingChangbai Mountain2小时10分     13:40-15:50China United
ShanghaiChangbai Mountain2 hours and 50 minutes     17:20-20:10Spring Airlines
TianjinChangbai Mountain1小时55分     10:05-12:00Juneyao Airlines
XiAnChangbai Mountain2 hours and 55 minutes     06:35-09:25LoongAir/China Express
ChangchunChangbai Mountain0 hours and 55 minutes     11:05-12:00LoongAir
DalianChangbai Mountain1 hours and 25 minutes     20:45-22:10China Eastern
HaerbinChangbai Mountain1 hours and 15 minutes     12:35-13:50LoongAir
Leave Changbai Mountain
Airline company
Changbai MountainBeijing2 hours and 00     10:55-12:55China United
Changbai MountainShanghai3 hours and 05     21:55-01:00Spring Airlines
Changbai MountainTianjin2 hours and 10     12:50-15:00Juneyao Airlines
Changbai MountainXiAn3 hours and 00     15:00-18:00LoongAir/China Express
Changbai MountainChangchun0 hours and 55     14:20-15:15LoongAir
Changbai MountainDalian1 hours and 30     23:00-00:30China Eastern
Changbai MountainHaerbin1 hours and 20     10:10-11:30LoongAir
Airport bus transfer

The resort provides free airport shuttle buses for tourists. After leaving the terminal, you can take the resort bus directly from the airport to the accommodation hotel,
or take a bus from the hotel to the airport. The bus to the resort is arranged according to the landing time of the flight,
so you don't have to worry about the delay of the flight. Please pay attention to the airport bus schedule in the hotel lobby.

Changbaishan Airport
Airport parking

Airport - Resort
First and last time
Departure time
Depart every 1 hour
The front desk of each hotel (the departure time of each hotel is not available, please also confirm with the hotel in advance)
Resort - Airport
First and last time
Departure time
Depart every 1 hour

Take the high-speed railway to Baihe station, and passengers can go to the resort by taxi

Go to Changbai Mountain Resort

You can take the high-speed railway from the departure place to Changchun, Shenyang, Harbin, Jiamusi and other stations, and then transfer to Baihe station.
It is about 90 kilometers from the high-speed railway station to the resort.

forest high-speed railway

The dunbai passenger dedicated line has been opened. It only takes 2 hours from Changchun to Changbai Mountain (North Scenic Area) and 1.5 hours from Changbai Mountain (North Scenic Area) to Changbai Mountain International Resort. The line runs through the endless Changbai forest sea, passes through the source water system of the Songhua River, shuttles between the mountainous Changbai Mountains, and finally stops at the foot of Changbai Mountain. Therefore, it is known as the "forest high-speed railway".

Check the high-speed railway schedule  

Wonderful self driving journey to Changbai Mountain

Convenient highway network makes self driving a flexible transportation option

The resort is located in Songjianghe Town, Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province. It is also a good experience to drive by yourself. From Changchang expressway, get off the expressway at S26 Donggang toll station and enter the resort along the provincial highway 302 for 4 kilometers.
The roads around Changbai Mountain are in good condition and have beautiful scenery. There are birch forests on both sides of the road. In spring and autumn, you will be deeply impressed when you drive through the birch forest. In winter, the evergreen needles are covered with snow! Due to snow in winter, the road may be wet and slippery. Passengers must pay attention to safety when driving by themselves, take anti-skid measures, and drive carefully.
The resort provides free emergency rescue services such as vehicle power connection, gas replenishment and spare tire replacement for all self driving guests in the area. Service hotline: 4000-987-666
In the resort, you can choose the Mojie app provided by FAW Volkswagen for shared bike rapid rental.


Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort has 8 parking areas, and provides humanized supporting services to meet various parking needs of tourists.

  • P1

    Parking of water park

    Parking space: 126
  • P2

    Parking of Small town ski Service Center ambulance access

    Parking space: 74
  • P3

    Parking of G building, ski service center, small town

    Parking space: 78
  • P4

    Parking of Guosong ski Service Center

    Parking space: 21
  • P5

    Parking of Park Hyatt

    Parking space: 78
  • P6

    Parking of Holiday Inn Express and Yue Hotel

    Parking space: 61
  • P7

    Parking of Jin resort

    Parking space: 31
  • P8

    Parking of Sheraton and Westin Hotels 

    Parking space: 24
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