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Enjoy 5Day Tour

Five days and four nights | practical strategy of skiing Xiaobai Changyou Changbai Mountain Resort.

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Day1Stay in the hotel, visit the Resort & Ski Resort, and ski for a day

Only for novice Xiaobai Beginners: seeing too many big brothers with iron heads, they took the cable car and the slide on the magic carpet regardless of their own safety, and the results were all terrible. Ask for a holiday assistant to protect yourself and other ski friends.

Hyatt has its own igloo rental snow gear: the rights and interests of the hotel include free rental of snowboards, helmets and snowshoes. Single board shoes are the most popular! If you can't get to Hyatt ski house before 8:30 on the day of skiing, you may not be able to rent single board shoes. It is suggested that you go to the igloo at 5:00 p.m. the previous day to rent the single board shoes and take them back to the hotel room. In theory, you can keep them until the checkout day before returning them. Of course, it is recommended that you do this for friends who ski every day.

there are few people in night skiing

Day2Rime drifting in the demon world / climbing Tianchi on the northern slope of Changbai Mountain

Depart from Hyatt Regency at 7 a.m. and arrive at the demon world at 8 a.m. Confirm the weather. It's better to snow the day before, and catch up with the rime the next day. Jumeizi! The paddle must be firmly grasped in the drifting process! Because the inflatable boat is easy to get stuck in the river, when the weather is suitable after entering the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, you must buy a bus to Tianchi for 80 yuan at the first time. I would like to mention one point when wearing Tianchi: knee pads! A treasure search northeast knee pad!

Day3A day of hot springs and eating

The package price of this purchase includes the ticket of the hot spring, which is in the Hanna mountain hot spring resort of Changbai Mountain. There are indoor and outdoor natural hot springs, 8 indoor pools and 15 outdoor pools, which can feel the double day of ice and snow.


Jinjiang village was originally named "gudingzi". Because there is an isolated mountain top behind gudingzi village, it is named "gudingzi" village. During the "Cultural Revolution", the village was close to Jinjiang, so gudingzi was renamed Jinjiang village. The resort is about 30 minutes away from the wooden house village by chartered bus. You can enjoy the original northeast customs.

Day5Wow cool ice and snow park

Snow watching, snow playing and snow entertainment are indispensable in winter. The Waku ice and snow park in Changbai mountain Wanda International Resort is really a happy world for children. There are 30 ice and snow entertainment projects here, such as the familiar snow bike, snow football, the most popular drift train here, and of course, the ice pumping game we often played when we were children.


Changbai Mountain is very cold in winter, and the minimum temperature is above - 30 degrees. We must do a good job in keeping warm before going.

Day1Stay in the hotel, visit the Resort & Ski Resort, and ski for a day

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