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Compact 2Day Tour

From September to October every year, it is the autumn of Changbai Mountain, and also the most beautiful season of Changbai Mountain. It is not only the few times when you have the greatest chance to see Tianchi, but also the time when the mountains and rivers are colorful.

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Day1South slope of Changbai Mountain + drifting

Nanpo is a super small scenic spot. It is only open from June to October every year, just at the border and close to North Korea, so the management is very strict. Only 1000 tickets are issued every day. The scenery is different from that of the west slope. The bus goes directly to the Tianchi Lake and passes the Yalu River Grand Canyon. The driver will slow down for tourists to take photos.

Half a day is enough. In the afternoon, we went rafting. Seeing the autumn scenery from the water is another style.

Day2Wang Swan

Wang Swan was originally called Shiwudaogou, which is a huge caldera. The ruins and landscape of the volcanic site formed by the volcanism in the valley are very unique. It takes three hours to get there, but it takes one day to make a 6-hour round trip.

On the way to look at Swan, you can pass the Yalu River and directly see Yushan City, the second largest city in North Korea, on the opposite side of the river.

This time we stayed in Wanda Jinhua Resort Hotel, which is a very suitable hotel in terms of location and cost performance. It is said that a Yuehua Hotel will be opened at the end of the month, which is more cost-effective. 299 a night includes morning, shuttle, through bus to West Scenic Area, water park, hot spring, slide and cable car. It is simply not worth it. There is a campsite in the town, which is full of natural scenery. You can feel the scenery of Changbai Mountain in advance, and you can play in the town for a day.

It is in the town. In addition to the iron pot stew, I especially recommend his pot stuffed pork, which is absolutely fried right now, with crisp skin and traditional sweet and sour sauce.

Star Rock Barbecue, the only charcoal barbecue in Songjianghe Town, must order streaky pork with pickles, which is really super delicious. The streaky pork can be directly eaten without lettuce, which is fat but not greasy. Park Xiaomei chicken with ginseng, pork belly and chicken. In Wanda Town, the chicken is super tender. Besides ginseng, there is also gastrodia in the chicken soup. The soup made from gastrodia for the first time is quite fresh. The landlady will also give you side dishes. The spicy cabbage you pickled is very delicious.


Changbai Mountain Tianchi ticket is purchased 2 days in advance in the applet (the applet directly searches Changbai Mountain). From Wanda town to Xipo, there is a direct bus from the town to the distribution center. The room fee package is generally included. Charter a car to Nanpo. The car is 300. Looking at the swan is a long drive, and chartering a car is expensive. Two people suggest a one-day tour. There are 260 charter fees, tickets and a lunch. The ticket for looking at the swan is 100 per person. Is it more cost-effective to have a one-day tour with fewer people.

Day1South slope of Changbai Mountain + drifting

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