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Classic 3Day Tour

It is appropriate to describe Changbai Mountain as "one mountain has four seasons and ten miles of different days". Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano, which has erupted several times in history, so it has formed a unique landform.
The famous Tianchi Lake is located on the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain and is also the crater lake of China.In addition, there are many small scenic spots such as Changbai waterfall, Grand Canyon and underground forest. The most beautiful autumn is Changbai Mountain.

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Day1West slope of Changbai Mountain

You only need to take an environmentally friendly bus to the west slope, and you can take a bus directly to the mountain from the entrance of the scenic spot. The drive takes about 40 minutes, and the scenery on the way is also great. After arriving at the parking lot, you need to climb 1440 steps on foot to reach the peak. The steps up the mountain are relatively wide, so you won't feel tired when you climb up. After reaching the top of the mountain, there is a landscape platform, where you can enjoy the full view of Tianchi Lake. Next to the landscape platform, there are boundary stones between China and Korea, which are sacred and solemn.

Day2Play in Changbai Mountain Resort

When you stay in Changbai Mountain Resort, there are many attractions in the resort, which can kill almost a day; Water park, cable car sightseeing, Zhengxi slide, experience the jungle pleasure, release the pressure, shout in the air, play all day, and go to a hot spring in the evening to relieve the fatigue of the day.

Day3 Swan watching + Korean border Tour

Wangswan scenic area is located in the shibadaogou gorge of Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Baishan City, Jilin Province. Wangswan mountain is more than 2000 meters above sea level and the second highest peak in Northeast China. The ditch in the local language does not simply refer to a mountain ditch, but people go up from the downstream of the Yalu River Estuary. Every time a large tributary system flows into the Yalu River, people call the place where this tributary system is located "ditch".

On the way to look at the swan, we pass by the Yalu River, and we can directly see Yushan City, the second largest city in North Korea, across from the observation deck, and we can see the cities on the other side of the river and the sentries standing guard.

When staying in a hotel in Wanda Town, the package price usually includes a shuttle, a through train to the Western scenic area, a water park, a hot spring, a slide, a cable car, etc. Great value! If you have had enough, you can eat and wander in Wanda resort.

After clocking in the autumn, the next time you have the opportunity to visit Changbai Mountain in winter, it is said that the scenery is very different.

Day1West slope of Changbai Mountain

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